Founded by Yardon Brantley, former professional athlete, Shape Training finds its roots in the experience in competition, championships, and achievement. Yardon into his own developing and managing large personal training groups for big box gyms with unparalleled success. He looked to venture out on his own and make to a mark in the industry and assembled The Lineup, a group of ultra-talented and career motivated coaches. Shape Training was born.


The LIFT features 10 barbell landmines, that create a 360 degree opportunity to get #grind worthy strength training. Work your core, upper-body, and lower-body in unique and new way to "LIFT."




You have done suspension training and you have done resistance bands. But have you used them both on the same strap? We are sure you haven’t because we are the only gym in the country to feature the KO8 suspension training system. It combines the best of both worlds to provide a 360 degree training platform. Improve your strength, flexibility, and stamina. KO8! fueled by Shape Training.




You are an athlete and during this 60 minute frenzy we push you like one! Agility, edurance, and core strength are the key elements during our bootcamps. Prepare to feel challenged, encouraged, pushed, and accomplished. SHAPE Training bootcamp!



Sometimes you just have to flat out work as hard as you can PERIOD. For this 60 minutes that's the program. Combining a metabolic mash up of conditioning, Olympic lifting, mobility, and agility. But dont be intimidated this class is for every level of athlete, just come ready to work!